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What is Kubit?

Kubit Design extends its reach across various platforms. This site serves as a central hub for our brand and product design guidelines, as well as other insights about designing with Kubit. Our design resources include reusable tokens, components and patterns, all thoughtfully crafted to enhance your design workflow, allow you to create more efficiently and consistently.

Where the design magic happens.

Our Figma libraries house a comprehensive collection of tokens, icons, illustrations, components, and screen templates. Additionally, we offer a selection of plugins to boost your productivity.


In each component tab you will find a comprehensive resource for understanding and effectively utilizing our design system. Our commitment drives us to continually update and refine these guidelines to ensure they remain current and valuable for all users. You can access to:

  • In-Depth Insights: design principles, components and best practices. You'll gain a throught understanding of how to make the most of your design.
  • Examples and Use Cases: we provide real examples and cases to illustrate how our design can ve applied to various projects and scenarios.
  • Interactive resources: alongside descriptive content, you'll also find interactive resources, such as code snippets, figma's playground and design assets, that you can readily implement in your projects.

What does Kubit offers to designers?

Here's an overview of what we can offer to support your creative journey:


  • Typography: explore a selection of styles that serves as the building blocks of your designs.
  • Color palette: access a versatile and carefully curated color palette to infuse vibrancy and consistency into your creations.
  • Tokens: Ensure uniformity and efficiency in your projects


  • Iconography: dive into our diverse collection of icons to enhance visual storytelling and user experiences.
  • Illustrations: free your creativity with a wide range of illustrations that add character to your designs.
  • Logos: Use our logo assets to seamlessly integrate Kubit branding into your project.


  • Web Library: we offer building blocks you need to craft responsive and captivating user flows.
  • Mobile/App Library: tailored to help you create experiences that are as fluid as native applications.


Simplify your design process with our range of templates, designed to quick start your projects.


Delve into our comprehensive documentation, where you will find detailed guides and intructions on how to use each element effectively.

Tools to test

Ecosystem of themes

Our design is intentionally crafted to be versatile and adaptable for a wide array of brands and themes. We understand that the design needs of different projects can be diverse, and our system is designed to be your go-to resource.

How to help Kubit grow?

Your input is valuable to us. If you have any questions, suggestion or feedback, or if you encounter any issues along the way, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

You can send an email to our dedicated support team at kubit@opendigitalservices.com.

Rest assured that your inquiries will be promptly adressed by our team. We work closely with teams to define what we include. In this way, we ensure that Kubit DS delivers the greatest value to those who use it. Therefore, we highly value each proposal that can be included in Kubit, delivering value in different products. We call this shared value. To achieve this, your proposal must:

  • Use Kubit Respond to a global need.
  • Be scalable to other products or already used by several of them.
  • Be correctly defined and scalable to all media, including Desktop.