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v.1.0.0 | Saturn

Kubit web-components is an Open Source React library of web components.

It includes a compresive set of components that can be used to build any kind of web application.

These components are fully customizable and can be utilized within any design system. Additionally, they come equipped with all the necessary props to enhance accessibility in your application.

Why use Kubit?


We are an Open Source component library, freely available for use, and we warmly welcome contributions from the community.


Experience unparalleled flexibility. Customize the styles of components to seamlessly integrate with your design system, enabling unique styles for each component.


All components come with props designed to simplify the integration of accessibility features into your application.


Kubit's components are designed for ease of use, rendering them suitable for a wide array of projects.

Plug and play

Simply import the components into your project, and you're ready to proceed. Our design is not only beautiful and user-friendly but also highly adaptable.

Easy contribution

Join our community in adding new components or enhancing existing ones. Contributions are highly valued and play a vital role in our project.